Travel website usability by a travel writer

I’ve written before about how much airline websites annoy me for their lack of usability, but it turns out I’m not the only one: Check out this article by The Age travel writer Clive Dorman. He might not be talking about things in the same way as I have, but he is far more eloquent:

…[I ] had a dream about a super-fast airline website that performed each action so fast and seamlessly it was truly joyous (OK, so I’m part-nerd). I was truly disappointed this morning when I realised it was still a mental pie in the sky. (Read more)

Clearly Clive has experienced the same problems I and no doubt countless others have, and he is giving them voice in a large platform. The airlines need to listen to this kind of feedback; the first airline to get their website right is likely to gain some business even if they are a little more expensive than the alternatives.


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